Brittany Kaie Ashanti Booker was born on July 30, 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Columbia, South Carolina.  She was born prematurely with a stenotic pulmonary valve .  The doctors tried to stop the premature delivery; however, Brittany was determined to live!  Brittany grew up in a single parent household with her mother and older brother.  Her father was deceased.  Living in an environment with limited financial resources presented many challenges for Brittany.  In addition, she had dyslexia but was determined to work extra hard in school.  She was a good student, very social, friendly, and participated in several extracurricular activities which included Air Force Junior ROTC, Nook Club (a book club using a Nook), Future Business Leaders of America, teeth cleaning drives for the homeless at Davis & Dingle Dentistry, and a faithful Youth Awareness member of the American Red Cross which also included her participation in the initiative called Letter for Loved Soldiers.   

Brittany’s circumstances fueled her desire to want to achieve a better life.  Her initial secondary education included Irmo High School. She then transferred and graduated from Columbia High School both of which are located in Columbia, South Carolina.  While in high school, Brittany worked two jobs, obtained her pharmacy technician license, still had an active social life all while maintaining an above average GPA.  Her mild manner and loud laughter allowed her to naturally befriend anyone – young, old, all races and nationalities.  Brittany’s smile and laughter would brighten any place she entered.

Brittany's life was cut short on August 29, 2013, at the tender age of 18 in a fatal motor vehicle accident.  She was driving to Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC, which was her second day of school.  Her major was Marketing.   

Brittany’s life was full of potential.    

The Brittany K. Booker Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was established in Brittany’s honor.  Her legacy will be eternal by helping girls fulfill their destinies.  We hope that through this foundation, girls will be inspired to dream and offer them opportunities to make those dreams realities.